NAME Caleb Blackwell
AGE 32
DOB July, 24

HEIGHT 6'00"
BUILD Average
HAIR Black, curly when he lets it grow out

Caleb is a cheerful guy, smiling more often than not, and always ready to do something 'fun'. The fact that he's a professional hero usually surprises people, because he just doesn't seem the rush into danger type. He's got a relaxed air about him, kind of like a pampered house cat.
The Illuminating Hero, Flashbang
Flashbang can produce a burst of bright light, much like the flash of a camera. When he's angry or emotiona, the light is brighter and come in sharp bursts that he sometimes can't control. When he's sick or injured, it's dimmer and the flashes come slower.
None. He isn't a frontline hero, and he doesn't typically fight, so weapons aren't something he worries about.
He wears special glasses that protect his eyes from his own lights. His costume consists of a sleeveless black shirt, a black leather belt with a starbust shaped belt buckle, and black pants with reflective white stripes going up the legs.
Caleb is the boy from high school that puzzled everybody. He had done remarkably well at the entrance exam, but after that he was just kind of... there. It wasn't that he didn't try, because he tried exceptionally hard at everything. Despite his efforts, he was simply passable at almost everything. His grades were middle of the road when it came to academics. His hero work was good... but not great. His combat training was almost laughable. The only field he excelled at was support work, and search and rescue missions. He was exceptional at aiding his fellow students, staying in the wings and using his quirk as a distraction, or an aid to bring villains down. He also showed great potential in rescue missions, using his light bursts as kind of flare gun. Still, nobody really expected him to go into professional heroics, but his tendency to go unnoticed and blind villains wound up being extremely handy in hostile situations, and his kindness and 'flare gun' technique made him ideal to rescue people.

Heroics aside, Caleb is a kind man, and friendly to everyone who he feels deserves it. He's the type to give someone a second chance. And then a third chance. And then an extra chance. And then one more chance. Unless someone gives off outwardly bad vibes, he's always the one to treat them with kindness first, until they show that they don't deserve it. He enjoys reading, has a passion for cooking, and will stop on the street to greet every dog he meets. All in all, he's the type of person who doesn't come off as a 'pro hero', and that's kind of how he likes it. He's not big on getting a lot of attention, and he's more than happy to allow the more frontline heroes to take the spotlight when it comes to the aftermath of a mission or an incident in town.
  • He claims that he created the term 'Netflix and Chill' and he will fight you to the death if you disagree with him.
  • He has a dragon collection. he can't remember when he started it, or why, but it keeps growing.
  • He has an addiction to bad reality shows, that he'll never tell anyone about. We're talking 'Teen Mom' levels of bad.
  • He still has his original NES, and breaks it out once or twice a year to play all the classics. And despite how many times he's beaten it, he still needs a map to get through The Legend of Zelda.
  • When he was a little boy, he had the bad habit of using his quirk when he had to pass through the house in the middle of the night. His mother had to tell him that if he kept flashing impossibly bright lights in the hallway between his bedroom and the bathroom at 3 AM, she was going to sell him to the travelling circus.
  • He came down with a nasty case of norovirus on the same night that his parents took him to a Chinese buffet, and due to the association with the restaurant and being violently ill, he couldn't eat Chinese food for a decade. Even homemade stir-fry made him queasy.
  • He will listen to any type of music you put in front of him, and he will enjoy it for what it is. Even the twangiest of country has a spot in his music-loving heart.
  • He has night terrors if he eats within an hour before he goes to bed.
  • Patrolling is one of his favourite things, despite the fact that if he's faced with crime while he's on his own, he won't be much use if things get extremely physical. But he enjoys doing the mundane things that most pro-heroes don't enjoy, like getting kittens out of trees and junk like that.
  • He sometimes lays on the roof of his apartment building, staring up at the sky, and he thinks... How did I get here? How is this actually my life?
  • When he sneezes, his quirk goes off without control. He tends to stifle while he's in public, because then it's more of a dim pulse of light instead of a bright flash, and there isn't the risk of accidentally blinding someone.
  • He has that oh-so-charming trait that a lot of pro-heroes have where he ignores his own health and continues to work, sometimes until he actually collapses.
  • He's allergic to dogs, but that does not stop him from petting them if they come within ten feet of him. It's worth it, damn it.
  • He's given away his position on missions more than once by sneezing and directing the villains to his location because of the flashes of light.
  • When he gets a high fever, his lights go all out of whack. Once, when he had the flu, his partner at the time said it was like sleeping with a strobe light.
  • Because his light bursts come off of his body, he likes to keep as much skin showing as possible while working. This means wearing short sleeves in the middle of winter.