Harper Pittman
Black clothes, heart of gold

Name: Harper Leanne Pittman
Date of Birth (& age): August 1, 1985 (33)
Place of Birth: Portland, OR
Gender: Female
Language: English & ASL
Marital Status: Dating Emily Martin
Sexuality: Bisexual
Family: Mother (Linda), twin sister (Cara)
Friends: Same as Emily, a few people at work not worth mentioning
Pets: Emily has a bird and a puppy that Harper 'co-owns'

Physical Description

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 122 lbs
Hair: Black with a blond streak on one side
Eyes: Green
Limb Dexterity: Rightie
Typical Clothing/Equipment: Typically gothic and feminine, occasionally casual and lazy. Accessories vary day to day.

The Good Stuff

  • Allergic to cats (which she hates, because she loves cats)
  • Sneezes a lot while doing her makeup, due to powder getting in her nose
  • Always sneezes while using cumin in recipes
  • Fairly typical immune system, catches about three colds a year
  • Super kinky in non-sneeze ways. She's into sensual dominance, and thoroughly enjoys tying Emily up