Dale is a nineteen year old boy who barely knows which way is up when it comes to being a vampire. His family was attacked in the middle of the night, their cabin burned to the ground and their blood drained dry. For some reason, the leader of this small clan decided to spare Dale and turn him before he could die from his wounds. They left him there, however, instead of taking him with them. A hunting party found Dale wandering, starving halfway to bloodlust, and brought him back to the counter. John and Gabriel took him in immediately, and once he got his wits about him and got over his fright, they gave him the position of John's valet. John is fiercely protective over him, and treats him like a son.

Dale doesn't remember anything about the vampires who attacked his family. All he remembers from that night is the screaming, the fire, and that everyone he knew and loved, including his dog, are dead. Whenever Gabriel or John try to get him to remember, he shuts down and doesn't speak for hours afterward. They're trying to be patient with him, while also trying to stress the importance of finding this clan of vampires that are killing innocents. He's a very sweet boy, and when he allows himself to relax, he's warm and funny. Just horribly shy, which is maybe why John is so fond of him.

The Good Stuff:

Dale Reynard;
Nicknames: Cricket
Age: 20
Height: 5'7"
Eye / Hair colour: Blue / Red
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Vampire (turned)