Gabriel is the only son and heir of the throne of Etrania. His parents, Hunter and Rowan, abdicated after ruling the kingdom for nearly four centuries, but stepped down abruptly when Rowan noticed that her husband was simply no longer happy. Gabriel took the throne reluctantly, unsure of his ability to be a good ruler despite being groomed to be so for his entire life. He is a soft-voiced, tender-hearted man who is sometimes fueled by his emotions, rather than rational thought. He would rather be painting than ruling a kingdom, though he adores his people and strives to be a good king for them.

He met John while attending a wedding in a neighbouring kingdom. He noticed the man who looked miserable and asked someone he was friendly with who he was. Upon being told 'Who, the Redcoat? You don't want him, Gabe, we can find you someone better if you're lonely' he promptly got up and marched over to where John was sitting and introduced himself. It was a rocky start, but once they became close their courtship was a whirlwind. When John was attacked and mortally wounded, Gabriel had no choice but to sire him and turn him into a vampire to save his life. He brought John back to Etrania with him shortly thereafter, and the two had to figure out how to live together, while Gabriel tried to coax John into taking his rightful place at Gabriel’s side, ruling with him. He’s still trying to convince him to marry him.

The Good Stuff:

Gabriel Ketill;
Nicknames: Gabe
Age: 127
Height: 5'10"
Eye / Hair colour: Amber / Brown
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Vampire (born)