Hunter Ketill will tell you, if you ask him how old he is, that he is almost as old as Etrania itself. And he wouldn't be far off. His grandfather was the kingdom's first King, setting the patriarchy that would be handed down to the first son of each generation. His grandfather, Nicolas, ruled for centuries before handing the throne down to Hunter's father, Henricus. Henry sat on the throne for nearly four hundred years before he was staked in a bloody war between the vampires and the dragons. It was then that Hunter and his new wife, Rowan, took over as rulers of a kingdom recovering from a horrible war.

After ruling for nearly three centuries, Hunter and Rowan had a child. Their son Gabriel was a sweet boy, and Hunter often worried that he was too sweet. He would never forget his father, one of Etrania's finest kings, being murdered where he stood, and he didn't want that for Gabriel. However, he knew that he and Rowan could not rule forever. The stress of a seemingly endless ruling was beginning to wear on him. It was only when Gabriel was over a hundred years old that he finally allowed his wife to convince him to hand the crown over to his son. Now, burdened with endless free time, he spends much of it micromanaging Gabriel and creating a pest of himself. He's a kind man, but still horribly worried that the same fate will meet his son that met his father. When Gabriel was staked, non-fatally, he tried to force him to step down from the throne and take it again himself. Rowan threatened to behead him, which made him smarten up.

The Good Stuff:

Hunter Ketill;
Nicknames: Don't you dare.
Age: 840
Height: 6'1"
Eye / Hair colour: Amber / Brown
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Vampire (born)