Rowan met her husband when the kingdom of Etrania was on the cusp of a bloody war. Their courtship was brief and informal, and they married with the thought that perhaps they might both be dead the next day. When her new father-in-law was staked, she was suddenly faced with the burden of being Queen. She took to the position like a duck to water, however, and the people of Etrania loved her. She was nervous at first, of course, especially with the people in a constant state of unease in the aftermath of the war, but she fell into the role like she was born to do it.

When Gabriel was born, Rowan vowed to protect the sweet little boy from the woes of the world. Of course, it's almost impossible to keep the stress from someone when you're also grooming him to become king one day. Rowan did her best, however, and allowed him to break up his 'King lessons' with trips to the ocean at twilight, and time spent in one of the castle's towers with his easle and paints. She wanted to keep him gentle and smiling and kind, without some of the hardness that had changed Hunter's eyes over the years. Gabriel is not the wandering artist that he may have longed to be at one point, but he's not a harsh man either. So she considers herself a success.

The Good Stuff:

Rowan Ketill;
Nicknames: Ro
Age: 903
Height: 5’5”
Eye / Hair colour: Green / Auburn
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Vampire (born)