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NAME Fisher Alan Pinborough
AGE 49
DOB July 6, 1969
OCCUPATION 4th Grade Teacher, movie theater co-op member

SEXUALITY Heterosexual

BUILD Stocky
HAIR Salt and pepper
EYES Dark Brown

PARENTS Logan and Maria Pinborough
SIBLINGS Julie (-3 years)

His big smile and his huggy nature. Probably his curls when his hair is long. His height, which-while not ridiculous-tends to be a bit shorter than his friends.

No Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or Snapchat. Has a Facebook to keep up with family and friends. Can be found at home, at the co-op theater, or at the school (that's pretty much his life). Is allergic to bees and carries an Epipen due to it. Uses the kids' gym class time to hang out with other teachers who are also on break and can generally be found teasing his friends mercilessly or listening to terrible stories with a little 'I'm trying not to laugh about this but you have to sometimes' grin on his face.

Fisher tends to be imaginative and energetic. He's the kind of teacher that kids hope they get, because they've heard so many stories about cool experiments and awesome projects. He is generally calm and relaxed, even when the kids are being crazy in the middle of class, and when he does get angry, it tends to be him going completely silent, simply waiting for the class to calm down. When Mr. Pin (as the kids call him) isn't joking or engaging with the class, it's time to settle down and behave. It's worked shockingly well.

Fisher is also disciplined, efficient, and well-organized. His desk is tidy, his apartment is kept clean, and he generally knows where things are without thinking about it overmuch. If you need something and you think he might have it, ask and if he's got it, he'll hand it over, and usually within a very short period of time.

As a friend, Fisher is compassionate, good natured, and loving. He loves to listen to people talk, and he happily will share stories in return. He also loves spending time with friends with a beer, listening to music or playing pool.

LIKES: Coconut oil, 80's hair bands, Elementary (the TV series), the Museum of Science and Industry, strawberry milkshakes, blueberry muffins, hanging out with neighbors, 'cute' emojis, true crime channels on Youtube, Book of the Month Club, dragons, coffee
DISLIKES: Twitter, McDonald's, parents who refuse to accept responsibility for their children, lavender, bees

Hair gets floppy and curly when it gets long (which happens at least a good few times a year, because he forgets to set an appointment and go get it cut), and he can be a bit scruffy (also in phases. Sometimes he doesn't shave for a week or two, and then he goes clean shaven for months.). He tends to wear comfortable clothes considering his jobs, and though khakis are the norm for him at the school, he takes casual Friday very seriously and wears jeans. He's almost always in long sleeves at work, but he rolls or pushes up the sleeves if it's hot. At home he's all smart ass t-shirts and dark wash or black jeans and ignoring the fact that shoes exist unless he has to leave the apartment and walk outside.

Fisher was born and raised in big city life. Chicago was no New York, but growing up there was still filled with shopping trips 'downtown' and any number of trips to museums, sporting events, and shows. His parents, Logan and Maria, were a lawyer and an executive, so the family didn't struggle for money, and when he was quite young, Fish didn't even realize for a few years that everyone didn't live the same way he did. He never had to question if food was going to be on the table, or if he could buy new shoes or the new toy he wanted. He wasn't spoiled so much as he was simply blessed to never have to worry about those things.

Fish might have wound up spoiled if not for going to school. When it was time, his parents decided to put him in public school instead of one of the numerous and generally-regarded-as-better private schools in the area. It was there that Fish learned that not everyone had things as easy as he did. Free lunches were a huge thing at the school, and there were even teachers who kept snacks on hand just in case a student got shaky during class from lack of food at home. There were kids who wore their shoes and clothes til they fell apart. Christmas was looked forward to all year, because so many of the students knew they'd get a good present or two. Fish started to feel almost ashamed of his privilege, and he decided to do what he could to help others. In his own quiet way, he began doing small things. He donated all of his birthday money to the school lunch accounts, he helped with toy drives at Christmas, and when a food pantry system was set up in the small auditorium at his school, he volunteered to stay after school one day a week to help out.

As he moved up in school, he started asking around to see what things were actually needed in the community, and worked on several groups over the years that did their best to improve things for underprivileged youth. It became his passion project, and how he met his future wife [EX-WIFE]. They were both working on a project with Boys and Girls Club and kept seeing each other across the room. Eventually, she came over and introduced herself, and that was pretty much that. Fish was head-over-heels, and he wasn't afraid to let everyone know it. He even dragged her home to meet his parents and teased that they better get used to her, because she was going to be their daughter-in-law one day. He was 17 and just... ridiculous with it. Not that that stopped him. In fact, the year he turned 19, he made good on his threat to his parents and proposed. They were going to wait until after they graduated college, but married student housing was mentioned a few times on-campus, and by the next semester they were moved in.

College was... different. Fish tried hard to figure out where he wanted his path in life to wind up, but it wasn't until his second year that he realized he wanted to be a teacher. That meant that instead of four years for a degree, his took five. That was okay, though. At the end of the fifth year, he graduated Magna Cum Laude, and he obtained his teaching license. He and [EX-WIFE] settled down in Chicago, both of them working at jobs they enjoyed. It was altogether a good life. Fish was teaching fifth grade, learning the ins and outs of the district and their rules and regulations, and doing his best to still continue to work for disadvantaged youth. Unfortunately, the projects had to be put aside as the district took more and more of his time and energy. The bureaucratic nonsense put him very on edge, and he found himself tense and grumpy far too often. He set about to change districts. The second district wasn't much better, and Fish found himself seriously thinking about quitting teaching altogether. It just seemed like the bureaucracy wanted the teachers to work twice as hard and care half as much about anything real.

A friend suggested he try a different town, as Chicago might be the problem. After a lot of searching, he and [EX-WIFE] found some interesting leads in Champaign-Urbana. Between them, there was a lot of negotiation, and the year Fish turned 30, they moved to the (slightly smaller) town. Champaign-Urbana brought a lot of changes, but the biggest of them was the fact that Fish found himself again wrapped up in being able to help the kids he was teaching. He'd also moved from teaching fifth grade to the fourth, and it was a relief. The slightly younger age seemed to change the attitudes of the kids he was teaching, and it was nice. He started making friends with the other teachers in the district, and things seemed to really be falling into place. That is until they had been in Chambana for three years, when Fish realized that while everything else was coming together, his marriage had been falling apart. They didn't hate each other, they didn't have hard feelings, no one had cheated or hurt the other. It was simply that they'd grown apart, especially since they'd moved. They mutually decided that they should divorce, and they did, but they remained best friends.

Fish has spent the last sixteen years mostly on his own, relationship-wise. There've been dates, of course, and even a hookup or two, but nothing real. And now, Fish has started to realize that he doesn't even understand when people are attracted to him. It apparently amuses the hell out of his neighbors who he's friends with, but a part of him finds it uncomfortable and mortifying. He's pretty sure he's getting too old for all of this.

He still loves being a teacher, though! Helping kids learn every single day is one of the most gratifying things he's ever done. And it doesn't hurt when the students come back after high school graduation to peek in and say hi, letting him see where they've ended up. That part may just be his favorite (invitations to weddings and baby announcements are right up there, too, though.)
HUGGING Yes! ALL the hugs
FLIRTING Yes please!
PHYSICAL FIGHTS Talk to me about it, please


[EX-WIFE] Ex-wife and best friend
[info]lmurphy Libby, who flirted with him when he was oblivious, and still liked him anyway. They've been dating since September, 2018
[info]burard Nicholas, art teacher extraordinaire. His presence in the classroom means Fish gets to walk away from the kids for an hour! They're also, you know, friends.
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