After the veil of shadows separating Etrania from the rest of the rest of the world, the inhabitants have a choice to make; Stay, and risk the dangers of being discovered, or relocate to live amongst the humans who have no idea they exist.

gabriel ketill

the wandering artist

Gabriel has a loft with John in the middle of town. He takes art classes and finally has all the time in the world to paint. More Info

John Reid

the pouty metalhead

John lives with Gabriel in a loft in the middle of town. He's developed a fondness for metal music, and occasionally models while working on a novel. More Info

Dale Reynard

the bookworm

Dale lives in a little apartment near the library, where he works. He looks young enough that people often ask him if he's still in high school, which makes it hard for him to make friends his own age. More Info

Lincoln Harris

the hidden psychic

Link was born in New Hope, and met John and Gabriel at Starbucks. He's a psychometric, and always thought he was the only person with freaky weird powers. He works at the local radio station. More Info

Faye Sheffield

the tattoo artist

Faye used to work in the palace kitchens in Etrania, and when everyone migrated she wound up in the same town as John, Gabriel and Dale. She lives in a studio apartment over a tattoo studio, where she works. More Info