(Captain) John Reid
quiet metalhead with too much free time

Name: John Edward Reid
Date of Birth (& age): October 12, 1824
Place of Birth: Sheffield, England
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire (turned)
Language: English
Marital Status: Engaged to Gabriel Ketill
Sexuality: Homosexual
Family: Deceased. In-laws (Hunter and Rowan) live in New York
Friends: Cooper, Faye, Tyler from the book store
Pets: Sir Reginald Pricklybottom III (snowflake cinnacot hedgehog)

Physical Description

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 182 lbs
Hair: Blond and curly if he lets it grow out
Eyes: Blue
Limb Dexterity: Left
Typical Clothing/Equipment: Tailored jackets and well fitting shirts with designer jeans. Slightly more upscale than Gabriel


Personality/Attitude: Shy, sarcastic, very romantic with Gabriel
Skills/Talents: Writing, interior design, web design
Goals/Ambitions: To finish a novel
Strengths: Determined, strong-willed, kind hearted
Weaknesses: Stubborn, quick to irritation, a little spoiled
Fears: Faeries, hypnotism, big crowds
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, writing, and he has a fascination with nature documentaries. Especially about dangerous critters
Regular Routine: Get up whenever Gabe brings him breakfast before going to school, roll out of bed sometime around noon. Either put music on and write, or watch something on the documentary channel. Play with Reggie. Wait impatiently for Gabe to come home because he's bored and lonely. Attach himself to him when he gets home from school and stay attached until bedtime.
Religion/Beliefs: Christian (Protestant)
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Enjoys being bitten. Also enjoys some 'gentle dominance' from time to time
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: A tie between losing Geoffry and being attacked in the faerie mound and being turned into a vampire
Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: Gay gay gay. He's been with Geoffry and Gabriel, if you don't count the faeries who took their pleasure without his consent
Education/Special Training: Training in the British Army, a few 'royalty lessons' before the veil was destroyed, some modeling training that amounted to 'turn your head this way and pout'
Place/Type of Residence: A large, open concept penthouse loft in a building in the middle of the city. John decorated it himself, and he's very proud of how it looks
Occupation: Trust fund brat Part time model, aspiring author
Place of Work: Here and there
Work-related Skills: Being pretty
Past Occupations: Captain of the British Army

Likes & Dislikes

Favourite food: Blood
Favourite beverage: Tea
Favourite flavour of ice cream: Strawberry
Favourite movie: What We Do In The Shadows
Favourite television show: Anything on the Nature Channel
Favourite music genre: Metal
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite weather: Rain. It reminds him of home
Favourite sport/physical activity: Archery
Least favourite food: Anything with cinnamon
Least favourite beverage: Milk
Least favourite flavour of ice cream: Bubblegum
Least favourite movie: Twilight
Least favourite television show: Grey's Anatomy
Least favourite music genre: Classical
Least favourite colour: Red
Least favourite weather: Sun
Least favourite sport/physical activity: Swimming
Chocolate or candy: Sour candy